Good morning everyone and welcome to my blog. I hope you will have a great day and everything goes well. Today, I would like to speak to you on why I chose this career path. Why an online business. There’s a saying that says “find something that you like and you will never work a day in your life”, I am very convinced that this new path I have chosen will be my last stop to achieving this dream. This may turn out to be the answer to your dream as well.

A little history about me, Elizabeth Morales, and why I am doing this online business opportunity today. I have worked for more than 25 years, I thought I was a very successful woman. My bills were paid, I had food on my table, I spoiled my 3 beautiful daughters every chance I could. I thought life is great or at least it sure felt great at the time. Looking back today, I discovered that I was living the rat race of life, I was living paycheck to paycheck like most of you reading about my story today.

Suddenly, my so-called great life came to an end due to my health. I lost my job and it seemed that everything I had accomplished was lost. I have too much debt, that’s for sure, but I am thankful for my health. I think I can move on in life. During this time of recovery, I had much time to think about my life. Where do I go from here? I found myself asking this question every day. Do I go back to driving 2 hours in traffic to get to work (I live in a village, so I am forced to travel for a better paying job)

What do I do? I was very confused about what direction to follow. Last January, I was willing to try something new, so I sadly made my first bad decision. I signed up with a mentor to work on eBay. To make a long story short, I invested almost $20,000.00, and today I have nothing to show for. The most disturbing part to me is that I made the least amount of money on every sale. I was keeping maybe 15-20% and paying the rest in fees. After doing this for 5 months, I was done. This was not what I wanted, work my behind to make the other parties richer.

I invested in work at home programs, typing programs, home assembling programs, and mailing out letters. Then I came across some affiliate programs and thought this is it. After working on the homework assignments I discovered I was not too happy, I wanted to be working for me. So I went online to search for jobs and came across this program. I was hesitant at first but after many emails and research, I was convinced that this was the opportunity I had been looking for. I joined and this is my first informative post.

I will talk about my new experiences on this new journey. If you are looking for a better opportunity in life just like I was, then stay tuned because I would love to share my adventure with all of you. For now, thanks for reading my official first blog. Till next time!

All The Best,

Elizabeth Morales